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Dear Customer!
After purchase you will receive a iTunes card ID (16-digit code) the nominal value of 50 USD.
After entering the code, your iTunes account will be replenished for 50 USD, and you can buy any content in the App Store such as games, apps, music, movies and books for iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store
How to Redeem:
Tap the App Store icon from the Home Screen.
Navigate to the New section on the Featured tab.
Scroll to the bottom of the list to locate and tap the Redeem button.
Enter the promo code and tap the Redeem button in the upper right.
06.02.2019 17:15:12
23.01.2018 13:48:39
25.12.2017 9:28:11
13.10.2017 16:33:50
спасибо, код активировал, все хорошо, очень рад, что еще хоть кто-то продает не дороже номинала, а хоть на капельку дешевле!
09.10.2017 12:09:24
Все ок!
06.10.2017 7:47:48
04.10.2017 11:46:49
07.06.2017 15:31:07

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