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The most effective trading robot Night "NIGHTCASH v.2010" - Take your cake the night in the Forex market!

We are pleased to announce their latest revolutionary development - Day trading robot - NightCash v.2010 (smart intellect, night scalper) to operate in the Forex market. The robot is able to take over all of your Forex trading and fully automate the extraction of profit from your account even when you sleep. The revolutionary solution for you to perform the analysis, comparison, decision-making about purchases or sales, the opening and closing of the transaction for the continuous increase in your deposit. The robot was given at 3-week test -x anyone interested trader. The effectiveness of the robot showed very high rates, about 90% winning trades, losing 10, as the basis of the robot were taken ideas from the top 10 of this year, advisers, now it´s the best night Advisor, you can now buy you at a reasonable price.
Advisor works with all currency pairs (25 currency pairs): from 21:00 to 05:00 GMT The (during the period of the lowest activity). The very idea of such a trade is not new and has been used by many before us, but offers you a product has a number of revolutionary innovations that will significantly increase profits and minimize losses. It is also one of the main advantages NightCash v.2010 is uncompromising reliability, which is important in such a dynamic market as the Forex when working with real money.

So, now you can buy really works highly efficient product that will pay off very quickly, and it will still bring you a steady income! Start trading with the real system and the proven effectiveness.
The main advantages of the Robot - NightCash v2010:
+ Smart iskuctvenny intelligence for decision making
+ Clear and certain logic
+ Fully automated trading system - as long as it sells, you relax!
+ The average profit per month with optimal risk - 100%;
+ Possibility of a monthly income plan (with minimal risk of 50%);
+ 19 currency pairs (AUD / CAD, AUD / JPY, AUD / NZD, AUD / USD, CHF / JPY, EUR / AUD, EUR / CAD, EUR / CHF, EUR / GBP, EUR / JPY, EUR / USD, GBP / CHF, GBP / JPY, GBP / USD, NZD / JPY, NZD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF, USD / JPY)
+ Automatic operation with quotations from the 4 and 5-digit numbers after the decimal point, with fixed and floating spreads;
+ High-quality trade during the night from 21:00 to 05:00 GMT;
+ Its control system deposits: maintain last value mode trading lot, deposit recovery mode after the drawdown, compensation for lost profits regime, the possibility of combining modes;
+ The system automatically shut down orders for "a watching» TakeProfit (depends on the StopLevel);
+ System (invisible) stelz! (Broker will not see your real stop loss and take profit) deceive his broker, and profit !;
+ Error Detection System (repeat mode of opening and closing orders in case of error);
+ The system automatically determine the time difference from GMT and the transition to summer / winter time;
+ Automatic determination of the maximum bid for the trading system on the basis of collateral requirements DC;
+ System slippage correction, and protection from high-spread;
+ Works in any Au, ranging from mini account 0,01 lot!
New in version 2010

+ Now 25 currencies instead of 19
+ A separate external expert for the closing of orders into multiple currencies!
+ Closure order at all to achieve the desired functions of 3: profit items percent for one currency, and for several
+ Very powerful system of averaging, 8 made of different systems!
+ Izmenyaymoe time the robot can itself include voskolko will work
+ Function off time
+ System Function 2-foot spread (our know-how)
+ Function changes stop-loss and take profit
+ Work with brokers where technology orderov- Execution Market Execution (grandkapital id.r brokers)
+ O system transactions without loss and separately adjustable treyleng-Stoppa
+ Belayer warrant in cases of market reversal
+ Closure order at all to achieve the desired functions of 3: profit items percent for one currency, and for several

Complete Trading System includes:

+ Illustrated description of the trading robot;
+ Experts themselves (trading robots 25 pcs);
+ Templates for quick installation on schedule;
+ Library (dll);

Note: The version of this trading robot is designed for an unlimited number of computers and ye the time!

Promotion: Our Products 1000 p. Our project announces the Anti-crisis price for all the company´s products!

Price is valid till August 31, 2016. (Look at the price on the site almost all goods 1000 r.) In addition, anyone who would make

purchase in the amount of 3000 tr in the period from 07.01.2016 on 31.08.2016 will receive almost any product for free!

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