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This book is written for people of all ages, of all national

TASK, professions, all social and political

tion status. It was written to eliminate neosvedomlenno-

STI and misconceptions in the field of medicine. After all, medicine - it

Not only specialty, but, above all, human knowledge

itself, allowing you to tailor your life and the life

their children to the biorhythms of the Earth nature and the cosmos. This value

of it helps to navigate in society and The nature

de, to be happy and healthy, and in the event of illness to understand

its laws, and to correct the imbalance.
The book provides basic information and ideas about what is

health and illness, what causes a wide variety of lie

illnesses, how can they be prevented by eliminating these Examples

ranks. "Your health - in your hands!" - And it's just really

business. Know how to be healthy and not to depend on doctors, drugs

and pharmacies!

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