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TRS - This is a unique and high-quality script teaser network, built on new technologies. In our script is implemented everything needed to create high-quality teaser networks of any class.

Script Search Engine - This script is a search engine that uses no base Yandex, Google and so on. Our script alone can index and add sites to the database.

Buying TRS you get:

1. Three high-quality script TRS (advertising network), TRS (Exchange Network) and Script Search Engine (search engine).

2. Tech. support for an unlimited period.

3. Unlimited free update scripts.

4. Completely open source.

5. Assistance in the installation and configuration of our browser.

DEMO TRS (ad network) http://demo.metask.ru

DEMO TRS (Exchange Network) http://demo3.metask.ru

Official website: http://metask.ru

Attention getting our script here you get three versions of the script Teaser advertising network, Teaser exchange network script poskovoy system

Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Full Name;

- E-mail address (email);

- Password;

- Login;

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
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