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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 60 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. Subject and object of cultural studies

2. The concept of culture.

3. Structure of the culture and its function.

4. Culture and Civilization.

5. Culture and personality.

6. Myth as a cultural form.

7. National culture.

8. Material and spiritual culture.

9. for¬my elite and mass culture.

10. Religion and culture.

11. The Dialogue of Cultures.

12. Game and culture.

13. East and West as a category of cultural studies.

14. Culture and the future of man.

15. The philosophy of JG Herder.

16. The concept of cultural-historical types of N. Danilevsky.

17. Philosophy of Culture Nietzsche.

18. Philosophy of Spengler.

19. positivist philosophy of culture O. Konta.19

20. filoso¬fiya positivist Durkheim.

21. Psychoanalytic kon¬tseptsiya Freud, Jung and Erich Fromm.

22. dialogic concept of culture. MM Bakhtin.

23. Typology of cultures Toynbee.

24. The cultural kon¬tseptsiya Sorokin.

25. The philosophy of Marx and Engels.

26. Philosophy of History in the Age of Enlightenment. DB Vico, M. J. A. de Condorcet.

27. irrational philosophy of Schopenhauer.

28. Philosophy of Culture Heidegger.

29. Philosophy of Culture in Germany in the XX century. Georg Simmel.

30. Hermeneutics.

31. The specifics of the method of "cultural sciences" in neo¬kantianstve


32. Culture and Politics. Poli¬ticheskaya culture.

33. The philosophy of Max Weber.

34. The culture of primitive society.

35. Culture of Ancient Mesopotamia.

36. Japan: specific socio-cultural development.

37. The culture of ancient India.

38. The role of Confucianism in Chinese culture.

39. Culture of Ancient China.

40. The culture of ancient Greece.

41. Culture of Ancient Rome.

42. Culture of the Middle Ages. Western Europe.

43. The culture of the Renaissance.

44. Culture of the Northern Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation.

45. The culture of Western Europe XVII.

46. \u200b\u200bThe culture of Western Europe XVIII century.

47. The culture of Western Europe XVII-XIX centuries.

48. Fate and the Problem of Self Europeanism evropeys¬koy culture.

49. Russia: geopolitical conditions of formation. Type of culture.

50. autocracy as a phenomenon of Russian culture.

51. Christianity in the history of Russian culture.

52. The split in sociodynamics national culture.

53. Silver Age in the history of Russian culture (the end of XIX-beginning of XX century.).

54. The Russian revolution as a social and cultural phenomenon.

55. The pagan culture of the eastern Slavs.

56. Culture of Kievan Rus.

57. Russian culture XVII.

58. Culture of Russia in XVIII.

59. Culture of Russia XIX-XX centuries.

60. The specifics of the modern social and cultural transformation in Russia.

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